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Feb 7, 2019

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Wow! This has been the first major tax law change since 1986!  I was just starting my accounting career back then having graduated from college in 1985.  Everything was new to me back then.  I remember thinking back then that there was no way I was ever going to remember all of these tax laws.  You know what?  I still don't know it all but I know a lot more than I did back then.  I believe that is called experience. 

I like to mail an annual newsletter in December of each year outlining tax changes throughout the year.  Sometimes the newsletter may contain tips and reminders such as keeping receipts.  I will continue to do that for our clients.  However, now you can come to this page on the website and get current tax updates instead of waiting until year end.  

Everyone's tax situation is different.  Always talk to your tax professional on how current laws impact you currently and in the future.   

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